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The Journey of Graciosa tells the story of a group of explorers called to cross, for the first time, the Paraná's Mountain to take the letter of emancipation from the city of Curitiba to the port of Paranaguá. This journey will be full of exploration, dangers and self knowledge.

The game takes place in 1693, the year of the emancipation of the City of Curitiba.

With the election of city councilors in the city, the place that was called "Vilinha" was called Nossa Senhora da Luz dos Pinhais in Curitiba. Thus, the resenting municipality requiring the Portuguese crown to have knowledge of the foundation of the new city, called three explorers to take the letter to the port of Paranaguá in order to cross the ocean and reach the Court, formalizing the new city. However, first they had to cross the still unexplored Atlantic Forest.

And as a guide for these explorers a mule is called to create the "sting" of the trail. This mule's name is Graceful.

Thus begins The Journey of Graciosa, a historical game of exploration and survival, which shows the challenges of a closed forest and the importance of following your instincts to advance towards the unknown.


AJornadadaGraciosa_Setup.exe 289 MB

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